Hi, my name is Eryn, I am a graphic designer with a passion for inspirational quotes and words of wisdom. The idea and decision to create the Daily Quotes website came after a personally challenging year, I would stumble across certain quotes on the web that would offer small doses of positivity or motivation, which in turn helped me weather some of the tougher times during 2012. Although some of the quotes were profound and related to my situation, I felt some of the designs and visual appearance could have used a little work, so Daily Quotes was created. I hope some of the designs and inspirational messages help uplift, inspire and motivate you wherever you are on your life journey.

The website is a relatively new and over the coming months I intend to add additional free items such as Desktop Wallpapers and a Free E-Card service. I will also be making many of the designs available to be purchased as a printable download or framed prints for your home or office.

I hope you enjoy the website and decide to be part of the Daily Quotes community on Pinterest and Facebook.

Kind Regards,


Daily Quotes - Sharing Words of Wisdom!
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